Live Session with senior RedHat Professionals: Learned real-used cases of Ansible & Ansible Tower

Three fundamental take-aways from the sessions are:

What all I learned:

  • Ansible can be used for almost any kind of automation including works like configuration, provisioning, Security management, application deployment, orchestration, & so on.
  • Ansible is one of the most used Automation tools today, so we should try to automate every smallest repeating process using Ansible.
  • Most of the session & demo were based on Ansible Tower, & what additional benefits it provides than normal Ansible CLI.
  • Also learned about Python Virtual Environment (PVE), how it can be helpful for Automation purposes especially using Ansible.

Practical Learning with Demos included:

  • Creating AWS resources including VPC, EC2-instances, routing, Security Groups, etc using Ansible Tower, also leaned about the Credential feature.
  • Connected Ansible Tower to Slack as a smart messaging tool to notify our team members about the development process.
  • Then used Ansible Tower for provisioning Virtual Machines over RHV (RedHat Virtualization).
  • Then learned about Workflow & workflow visualizer feature by creating a workflow for deploying web app first in test env then in prod env, only after confirmed by the developer to proceed.
  • Created PVE, & used Credential Types for authenticating into Oracle Cloud which is by default not directly supported. Then Configured various resources on the Oracle Cloud.
  • Then some discussion over terminologies related to Ansible Tower, like Collections, Job scheduling, and many more.



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